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Do as they do in “Mad Men” – “dress up, have a martini, take it easy and smile” – at this “classic” Mt. Vernon steakhouse that’s still operating at the very “top of its game”, delivering “fantastic” “slabs of meat” and “masterful seafood”; from the “sophisticated”, “1940s supper-club vibe” to the “sublime” tuxedoed service, it’s a “perfect evening out”; P.S. business-casual dress (with jackets required after 5 PM Saturday).

Esquire on The Prime Rib


“At the Prime Rib, it’s always 1965 – the year it opened. The leopard-print dining room looks like George Steinbrenner’s private club. The waiters wear tuxes. And the kitchen roasts the majestic prime rib on the bone, its collar fat suffused into the inner layer, the core of rose red, all of it giving off the intoxicating aroma of old money.”

Food & Wine on The Prime Rib


Top 5 Romantic Restaurants in the U.S.

You can almost imagine yourselves as Nick and Nora Charles of The Thin Man films, trading quips over dry martinis at The Prime Rib. With its black walls trimmed in gold, its naughty lithographs, its leopard-print rug and its tuxedoed maitre d’, this restaurant evokes an early forties Manhattan supper club. on The Prime Rib


When the strip steak comes, it will be lush, dry-aged and seared to a caramelized finish… and the prime rib, heaped with fresh horseradish, will drape cunningly across the plate… This is straight-up American steakhouse dining, and there’s not much that can top it.